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Default Crazy Weather

This is nuts!

It is looking like two wet storms and very cold for this time of the year. The question is the track, the tempatures at mid levels and the location and strength of supporting high pressure.

Storm 1 is a Thursday into early Friday event that looks like 7" or so around the lake with more, possibly much more, snow in the mountains. This is the wet, power-outage kind of snow that will also damage the trees. Some trees are still bend from last week's storm and thise are in the most trouble. It looks like the track, mid levels and supporting high are in reasonable place to support snow in the lakes northward.

Storm 2 has the potential to be historic. However, it is still a bot too early to be drawing rain/snow lines. It could be a very big rain event or some of it could be snow. The potential is clearly there, but we need to see what happens with storm 1 first. If storm 1 is weaker than projected, storm 2 could be much worse.

The lake still has a lot of ice on it. My opinion is the snow cover on the ice will hold the ice longer due to the reflection of the sun's warmth. There is a counter effect that the blanket of snow will help the 38 degree water melt the ice. This is a minor effect in my opinion. The reflection of the sun's warmth is a bigger item.

I saw boats in the water at Silver Sands today. The docks closest to Laconia are free of ice and about ten larger cruisers are in. A heavy, wet snow could weigh down these boats, so I hope someone is watching these boats very closely during snow events. Heavy snow is heavy!

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