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Originally Posted by michael clayton
I am looking out my window and yesterday the ice looked VERY unsafe and now ,with the considerably lower temps, I think people will unfortunately feel safe to travel on the ice again ..I fear that it is not a question of "if " but " when " is someone gonna go through the ice on a sled ...the damage done to the ice 2 days ago was considerable ,as it got up to 66 degrees here and the ice looked rotten . No doubt it was safer than it looked ,but I worry .
Today ,1/4 mile from the channel the first snow flake appeared at 4:01 pm and as of now ,We have about 2 + inches

Please be careful !!!

The ice looked rotten from here too... but it was just the snowpack on top of the ice that melted. Underneath that slush is still a good thick layer of solid ice that's going to take more than a couple warm days to melt... and that will be a slower process now that all the slush has frozen solid a couple inches thick. Just a couple days ago the WeatherCam captured a shot of a pickup truck towing a Bobhouse north of Bear Island... and that was on one of the 50-degree days.

You are right, though... sooner or later it will be deceptive. Right now the only weak spots I'm noticing are around rocks, which absorb the sun's heat, and the open areas created by dock bubblers are growing.
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