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Default Easter Snow in Jersey

I was living in Massachusetts in 1970 (and was only 10 - hehe) so I don't remember that one.

I was in Jersey for the blizzard in March of 1993 and remember THAT one distinctly. When I went to work in Newark a couple of days later, the normally four lane road into the downtown area was only two lanes. The 40 minute drive took 2 hours. That was way before I had a cell phone so I just had to sit there and wait. Talk about late for work.

I also remember vividly the blizzard of '78. Missed an entire week of my senior year. After graduation, the rest of the classes still had a week of school. It was great - we didn't even have to take final exams.

Our beautiful snow has turned into sleet. Nothing left on the trees. Ah, well, it was nice while it lasted.

Jersey Girl (formerly of SE Massachusetts)
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