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Default Snow begins at Winni...

At 400 pm the snow is visible over Rattlesnake Island's summit and has completely hidden Gunstock from view. Dollar Island is now clearly discernable from Jolly Island. The snow is rapidly moving in, and we'll see first flakes here at Black Cat within a few minutes.

The temperature continues to fall slowly, and the dewpoint has also been dropping off all day. Evaporative cooling is likely going to chill the air a bit more as the precip gets underway.

I haven't had time to look at the models (ahhh, work... but one must pay bills) but I noticed the Weather Channel just upped their forecast amounts for us, from "8 to 12 inches" this morning to "A foot or more" now. New England Cable News has us in the 15-inch belt. Perhaps there's been a change in the models? The trend in forecasts seems to more snow, with each new forecast.

This storm could be a sign of things to come, as one of this morning's news stories on NBC-Today was NOAA's announcement that the El Nino responsible for our warm weather early in the winter broke down, allowing the cold February... and has now become a La Nina pattern which favors lots of storms in the Atlantic.

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