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Default Great Looking Cat


It looks to me like Leo is wondering why you put the dividers in the litter box.

He looks like a great cat. You folks are wonderful adopting animals in need.

Still a tough and interesting weather situation. Two schools of thought exist. Storm track that looked to be too far south yesterday morning has shifted west, meaning more juice and more mixing for us. I still think the storm will be east of the current track which would get us on the high end of the NWS range. That said, Rose has a valid point with her warmer solution. I will be watching the Mt. Washington weather as well, especially the reports along the auto road, which is like having on-line, real-time soundings.

Last night's GFS hits us hard, if that model is correct. It tends to be better this time of the year than in mid-winter or mid-summer. Time will tell!

Enjoy the weather and the cats!


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