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Default Leo

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Constellation Leo the Lion, which dominates the center of the Spring sky. {Trace out Leo, point out the stars Regulus & Denebola} This is a great constellation that looks very much like what it is supposed to be. Some star charts show Leo walking, but to me the stars powerfully suggest the Big Cat is in a reclining position. His head is formed by a backward question mark, an asterism that is commonly called The Sickle. The star to the right of Regulus is his forepaw, and the bright triangle to the left is the lion's rear haunch.

As luck (fate?) would have it, this past weekend, we adopted another cat from the Humane Society. He is a 14 year old that had to be surrendered by his owners due to a relocation. His name... you can guess is LEO. (Really, even I couldn't make that up!)

CLA.. I'll figure out a way to get Leo into your Spring thread. hopefully he'll add a little comic relief.

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