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In response to Top-Water:
Gilford Lawn and Landscaping was not specifically recommended by anyone on the Forum, I just went on the suggestion that VitaBene suggested ""Most of the bigger outfits have their own machines. You may want to consider having a smaller company prep and then just have someone spray the seed". GLL did the entire job start to finish, I was not the general contractor, and did not do any of the work.

In response to iShoot308:
Gilford Lawn and Landscaping did the job, the owner has not been communicating with me or my wife, and my lawn looks like crap after several thousand dollars. Glad you have had a good experience with the company, it does seem like there is definitely a difference in service (yours and mine), as GLL has not gone out of their way to help in any way, which I can't explain ?

In the meantime, I will fertilize the lawn, continue to water, and over-seed in the Fall to build up the base, with hopes it will make a difference.

I will post a picture of the lawn in another post.
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