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Default Lawn installation follow-up !

Just a follow-up from my original post

I took Forum advice and hired a local smaller landscaping company ‘Gilford Landscaping’. They did the prep work, spread 30+ yds screened loam, and sprayed hydro-seed. Several thousand dollars later
FYI. Lawn was installed the Monday after Memorial Day holiday.

It’s been four weeks since the work was completed, and I have ‘many’ large patches of brown ground, without grass, where the hydro-seed has yet to grow, and we have diligently watered twice a day.

My wife and I have made numerous attempts to phone and text Gilford Landscaping, with little or no response. The one call-back I received over a week ago, said they would come and look at the lawn, but so far that has not happened, and I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

Very disappointed, with the results of the lawn install and I’m exhausted trying to communicate with this company, and how they conduct their business, it appears I was given the tail-gate guaranty after the job was completed.

Again, I can only speak from my personal experience, I would add Gilford Landscaping, with Miracle Farms, as another landscaper to avoid and would not recommend !
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