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Originally Posted by dpg View Post
Hi.. May be looking for some smaller type jobs mid-later summer into the fall. Not "huge" projects but things I will not do myself. Couple things that come to mind are tile re-grouting possibly changing out a slider unit or two, etc. I've found most people when times are good (like now) they can't be bothered coming over for a day and $700.00 they'd rather do the $8,000 room re-do. Anybody use maybe a "handyman" obviously with some good overall carpentry skills willing to look at a $800 or $1,000 job(s.) This is in Moultonborough. Currently can't even get a returned call on a bath re-grouting. Thanks..

Don't live there full time and no interest in trying myself Please don't forward instructions...haha...
Good morning. My name is Doug Wade. I’m a contractor/ handyman, that does these type of jobs. I’ve been doing them all the years in business. Witch is 30 some odd years. Please call and I will respond and will give you a quote. I hear every day the comments you raised about finding contractors. It’s sad but true. Thanks 603-770-3677

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