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Default Incomplete?

Originally Posted by Merrymeeting View Post
I'd be curious to know how you can delay Shoreland permit applications for 60 days. The application process is direct to the DES, and this is the regulation from their website that states a decision is needed within 30-days.

"Processing Time - Shoreland permit applications are reviewed within 30 days of receipt. Following review, the permit application is either permitted, denied or a "Request for More Information" letter is mailed to the applicant. Applicants must respond to NHDES requests for more information within 60 days. Once the response is received from the applicant, a decision to permit or deny the project is made within 30 days."

And, they don't always wait the 30-days to make the ruling. The 30-days is a maximum.

I'm on the New Durham CC. We only meet once a month. It's not unusual for a shoreland permit to be submitted and approved by DES before we've ever had a chance to see it.
Apparently, some CC's have staff with instructions to open the mail, and send an immediate reply to DES noting the hold. The 30 days is for DES to act, not the CC, as I understand it. Apparently, if they receive word from the CC that they want to weigh in, the application is considered incomplete. I applied for a repair permit a couple of years ago. There was a delay until it could be on the next meeting agenda. Then they held it another 30 days, requesting that the contractor appear in person to answer questions. Eventually the permit arrived with a cover letter from DES saying to be mindful of the added restrictions from the CC. No problem except the delay, which we had sort of expected. The work did get delayed to the following year. No big deal, just aggravation and a year delay, since the contractor can't drop other scheduled work waiting for the CC.

It appears some CC's are "full of themselves" and statewide there is enough push back that there are those who want to legislatively reduce their authority. That came to me from a relative who is on a small town (<2000 Pop.) CC in another part of the state.
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