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Default Up to the CC

Originally Posted by Merrymeeting View Post
While you are correct that the local CC is copied on most permits, unfortunately this often occurs after the approval has already been granted. This is due to the timing of the permit process and the CC meeting schedule. If, for example, the permit process is required to rule within 30 days, and the CC only meets once a month, the DES has often approved the application before the CC sees it. This often results in frustration as the local CC has information that could change the outcome if it was received in time.
Gilford routinely puts a 60 day hold on almost every application so they can fit it into their monthly meeting schedule. Most developers know this and plan accordingly. Individuals can be caught unawares and have their building schedule totally messed up. This issue of timing was brought forward by the Gov ernor's Task Force on Regulation s when he first came into office. They reported late in 2017 and a few bills came through in 2018. I think other town CC's do the same thing.
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