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I stopped in for dinner, but before I get to my review I'd like to make mention that I looked at the building as a potential business opportunity after it was the William Tell and before it was the Woodland Tavern. I looked at it again after the Woodland tavern was there. I opted not to move on the property however had l, I don't think I would have invested much in renovation after the Woodland Tavern. I thought the Woodland improvements were adequate enough to succeed. Mark, the new owner had a different vision. He has made a significant investment and did a wonderful job putting a polish on the environment. That being said a small part of my heart did drop when I realized that he pulled out the beautiful old Swiss stove that was in the entranceway. That may have been the one element that made me the most excited about the building.

My introduction to Mark came consequent of an eaves dropping moment. He happen to be in conversation with two gentlemen directly over my shoulder when I heard him state that he'd done some research and learned that the area was in desperate need of higher quality food. I recently read a statement in a New Hampshire review website that quoted him as saying something similar. My first reaction to both statements was that perhaps his research overlooked the existence of Shibleys. So being the clumsy me, I opened my mouth and brought that to his attention. He acknowledged that Shibley's had fair food but was seasonal and he intended to fill that void. Fair enough.

On the most part Mark has assembled a team of some of the better food service professionals in the region. I was quite pleased to be reconnected with the pleasant, efficient service and welcoming smile of Jason Grebaldi (SP?) behind the bar. His sidekick Jay also impressed me with his solid understanding for their wine list. Mark has trusted his kitchen to the hands of chef Branon formally of Lavinia's. Chef Branon will once again be relying on his girlfriend Amanda to orchestrate dining room service.

I had muscles, and hangar steak paired with 2 nice glasses of wine for a total of $85 after tax. Overall I would label it a good experience, and I am very happy for the people of Alton Bay to have this new option.
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