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As already mentioned, the 128-acre Ahern State Park has 3700' of mostly wooded shoreline on Lake Winnisquam and it was created in 1994 when it was ceded from the former state school property.

The 200-acre former state school and prison property is also owned by the State of NH and it has no access to either nearby Lake Winnisquam or Lake Opechee.

It would be basically impossible to remove any of the 3700' shoreline from Ahern State Park for new residential or commercial use like waterfront attached to housing or to a hotel. Once a state park gets created, it remains in place forever and only can grow in size. So, if anything, some more land from the 200-acres could get ceded to the 128-acre state park. I can envision the state could agree to this while dividing up the remaining state school/prison property into various parcels/properties and uses.

For example, four new public tennis courts with a large plywood, 12'h x 24'w hitting backboard, painted green with a white line replicating the tennis net, would be a totally super-duper addition to an appropriate flat area on the grassy hillside of the former state school. People can play tennis into their 90's and older.
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