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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
So the state/city doesn't want to bear the expense of re-habbing moldy buildings full of asbestos. I understand. It may be time to forget recycling the buildings and find a tenant who will take care of all that. With three hundred acres and 3700 feet of shoreline, we should give it all to the Parks Division and let them lease it to a major hotel. We get the old buildings removed, a destination GRAND hotel and conference center and think of the money and jobs the casino will bring in for the area and for the state.
The Parks Division is self funding; no tax dollars for operations. We can do this because of Sunapee, Cannon/Flume and Hampton Beach which support a huge part of the parks operating budget and keep other parks cheap or free. The above facilities give us a guide and experience that we should be able to monetize without losing control. Sunapee is a great example.
Not a bad start and the State of NH would also be collecting the 9% occupancy tax, but how would the city of Laconia DIRECTLY benefit? If it goes to the Parks Division I assume there complex would not pay property tax.
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