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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
nightrider/Major--it's all good sport for you to blame "wealthy people from Massachusetts" for increasing your tax bill. But let's remember that wealthy people from Massachusetts are subsidizing the lake school systems with huge property values for their second homes which do not include any children in the school system.

I'm not suggesting that the tax appraisals be different, only pointing out that if you're a year-rounder, you're getting a much better deal than the Mass people you blame.
I think your post is a little misguided. I never blamed "wealthy people" from Mass. The amount of people who have moved to NH from Mass over the past 20 years is staggering. Most of them live in southern NH, not in central NH. In fact, the population from the Lakes Region north has been stagnant over the past 20+ years.

I grew up here. "Live Free or Die" is not just a motto but was a way of life. Self-reliance and liberty were core values in NH. Those values have changed with the influx of people from Mass. It is their expectation of government that is creating the high property taxes. Instead of going to schools, roads and police/fire protection, our money is now being spent on social programs, rehabilitation facilities, Section 8 housing, local jails, etc.
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