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Originally Posted by Bizer View Post
Navigating between Big Island and Little Island in Paugus Bay has been a problem. Boats frequently run aground. When Bizer rented a boat from Anchor Marine last fall (Thanks, Bob) for our annual survey, their rental agreement forbid traveling between these two islands. The Marine Patrol will be creating a "channel" between these two islands marked by pairs of red/black buoys similar to the Six-Pack or Graveyard channel. The specifics have yet to be determined.
Thanks for this information, this has not happened yet. As you mentioned "The specifics have yet to be determined." Was out there yesterday for a while fishing. No solid red and black markers yet defining a channel. One of the places I have warned my son not to go thru, with the larger gas motor, when fishing. Very dangerous area if you don't know where the rocks are, although knowledgeable locals seem to navigate it on plane just fine but I would never chance it. Solid red and blacks will be nice when it gets completed.
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