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Originally Posted by Bizer View Post
(24-JUL-18) Northwest of Worcester Island in Wolfeboro, Bizer's chart shows four buoys in a quadrangle. These buoys mark a fields of rocks. Some of these rocks are less than three feet below the surface. In mid-July, someone reported to Bizer that two additional buoys have been added. At this time, I don't know the exact location of these new buoys or why they were added in the first place. I shall report here if I receive further information.
Originally Posted by BoatHouse View Post
(26-JUL-18) Two of the four buoys have a plain white buoy next to them. Makes it a lot easier to see the markers in various lighting conditions.
I visited this area on September 23rd and found no additional buoys. I guess we'll never know their purpose.
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