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Originally Posted by thebix View Post
I rode an excursion run by the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts back in the 70's as I recall. Two trains left Boston North Station. The train I was on went to Weirs Beach, then we transferred to the Mount Washington for the boat trip to Wolfeboro. There we walked to the RR station and boarded the 'other' train which had arrived on the Wolfeboro RR (I believe with the steam engine added to the RDC cars for extra fun). In Sanbornville, as I recall, the steam engine is dropped and we proceeded back to North Station. Naturally the other group of fans had ridden the train to Wolfeboro and now took the Mount to the Weirs to ride the train waiting for them there. An unusual and exciting circle tour that 'recreated' the train to boat trips to the Weirs and Wolfeboro.
Now that would have been a fun, and interesting day!

Thanks for posting this.
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