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Originally Posted by harbor guy View Post
Hey Bizer, looks like the Winter Harbor "No Rafting" coordinates have been revised.
Taken from NH Dept of Safety, Rules and Laws...

(7) The area of Winter Harbor from the southern boundary of the town of Tuftonboro tax map 51, block 3, lot number 14 to the southern boundary of tax map 51, block 1, lot number 20;
I noticed that about a week ago. I was waiting until I updated my chart before I responded. Note: As of this writing, the NHMP web site still has their old regulation.

There is still one minor ambiguity in the new regulation: No direction is specified. The regulation should say something like, "The area of Winter Harbor northwest of a line from ... " but it does not. Regulations should not be ambiguous. Without a direction, someone might claim that the no-rafting area only applies to boats sitting on the line itself.
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