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Default Some navigation changes for 2018

Bizer talked with Captain Dunleavy about various boating navigation topics earlier this week, to wit:

NO-RAFTING IN WINTER HARBOR: In the summer of 2015, Bizer received an email from a boater who had received a ticket for anchoring in a no-rafting area that was not depicted on Bizer's chart. Bizer discovered that the regulation was ambiguously written and needed correction. Apparently, there was a hearing in Concord last week to clarify the regulation. No member of the general public attended or spoke at the hearing. A new regulation is expected this spring and will approximate the area depicted on Bizer's 11th edition (2016). Bizer will inform on this forum when the regulations are re-written.

Bouy decommissioned near Twenty-Mile Bay: There was a lone red-and-white spar about 400m (1/4 mile) northwest of Sawyer's Point and 800m (1/2 mile) north-northeast of The Graveyard. It is shown next to an "8" foot depth. This buoy has been removed and will not be replaced. The Marine Patrol feels that the eight foot depth is deeper than any boat that would venture into this area.

Phantom buoy in Paugus Bay: In the spring of 2016, Bizer noticed a new buoy about 90m south of light "82" in Paugus Bay. We notified the MP who said it was not authorized and would be removed. In September, 2017, Bizer noticed that it had re-appeared. Captain Dunleavy said that the MP has removed three buoys in this location over the past two years. So if you see a red buoy about 50m off shore at the Quarterdeck Motel, send Bizer an email and/or call the Marine Patrol.

Navigating between Big Island and Little Island in Paugus Bay has been a problem. Boats frequently run aground. When Bizer rented a boat from Anchor Marine last fall (Thanks, Bob) for our annual survey, their rental agreement forbid traveling between these two islands. The Marine Patrol will be creating a "channel" between these two islands marked by pairs of red/black buoys similar to the Six-Pack or Graveyard channel. The specifics have yet to be determined.
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