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Originally Posted by GWC...

You fell off a Horse and landed on your Donkey! Ooocha...

Happy that all's well in the end!!!
Indeed I did! However, being the stubborn redhead you all know me to be, I brushed myself off, fixed the offending sadle back into position, and climbed aboard. However, also being somewhat more cautious this time, I had my sandal-clad dogs jammed into those stirrups! This was followed by a ten minute hike straight down a slippery, winding, rainforest trail in order to see the 150 foot drop waterfalls (which were truly worth the journey!). Unfortately, this meant that we had to climb back up that hill in order to mount the horses and get back out. Do I need to tell you how badly my legs, back and keyster ached for the three following days? However, I repeat ... I am NOT too old for these sorts of things!
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