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Originally Posted by Kamper View Post
They do make recirculating systems. You push a button and a pump runs the water in a circle through your heater.
I think you are onto something here. The system should be close to where the demand is, otherwise the hot water has to displace the cold water in the pipes, with these new low flow faucets that can take forever, you would have the same issue with a traditional system.

I have recirc system in my mass house because the HW heater is 30 to 50 feet from the faucets. It is on a thermostat, so no button to push, but the setup you describe above would be more energy efficient.

The other thing is the tank needs to be appropriately sized for the number of bathrooms. Having a unit sized for one bathroom would definitely be an issue for a house with 3 or 4 bathrooms, it's tough to blame issues like that on the unit.
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