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Default Bear in Lakeport!

In the 7+ years I've lived in NH, I've never seen a bear (my husband has seen lots of them as he drives around for work, though). I've never even seen a bear while out hiking. But this morning as I was coming back from my walk/run and one of my neighbors a few blocks away was heading out for his run, he gave me a heads up and showed me a video of a bear in his neighbor's yard (recorded last night). After I thanked him for letting me know and then took about 6 steps away toward home, there went the bear running across the street.

So if you're in Lakeport just be aware - the bear was spotted around 6 PM Sunday night near the intersection of Belvidere & Jefferson Streets, and Monday morning a little after 6:30 AM near the intersection of Jefferson & North Streets (it was heading north on North Street). Hopefully it will make its way up toward the state forest.
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