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Natt & Wifi ..... thanks again for you input! We finally got around to climbing Bald Knob last weekend .... and just as Natt said .... the trailhead was exactly at the Moultonboro/Tuftonboro town line. Without your input I would never have found it given the fact that it is not marked! The following you might find interesting :

When I was six years old, 58 years ago (1956), I climbed my first "mountain" (Bald Peak in the Ossipee range) with my family (and nanny) during summer vacation. While at the summit my Dad snapped the attached photo of my Grandfather basking in the sun while lying in the grass. Yesterday, all these years later, I climbed Bald Peak for only second time in my life, however this time with my daughter (Amanda) who snapped a shot of me catching some rays in the exact same spot as my Grandfather had. Looking down from the peak I couldn't help but be overwhelmed (and disappointed) by the enormity of the shore-front changes that have occurred 1800' below me at lake level ..... but that despite the incredible erosional forces offered by nature, the rocks at the summit have hardly been altered by the passing of time.
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