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Originally Posted by Winni P View Post
I see multiple events on the track this weekend and I have no idea what kind of crowds the scheduled events will draw. Will Sunday be an issue around 93 in Concord? I have family from the Cape coming up to the lake on Sunday and I'd like to let them know when to avoid Concord....
Send me a PM. I grew up in Loudon on the far east side of town (read; can't move without being affected by race traffic on a Sunday) and will be going to my folks house both Saturday and Sunday morning. Tell me where your family is going and I will tell you how to get them there without any issues. Are they adventurous and good at following directions! They will see a side of the area that half the people in this thread doesn't know exists, but it depends on how open they are and what time they are moving through.

Even Sunday north bound on 93 is not that bad and ends at 15E, with 14 closed. Remember it is 3 lanes only a few miles before that point and it moves, but they can move around that as well. Just depends on where they are going.
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