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Originally Posted by Retired Ole Guy View Post
We picked a St. Bernard for a couple of reasons. First they are an absolutely great family and people dog. Riley is a happy go lucky dog that prefers spending time with us. As I write he is sleeping upside down between my wife and me. As for me personally he is my retirement buddy. My wife and son go off to work and school and we party hearty by going for walks and coffee and stuff. He really is great company although I am not sure he really listens to me when I talk while we walk. And we figured if you gonna get a Dog might as well be a big one that really is very quiet. He rarely barks outside and only barks in the house when he wants to go out and do his business ( very easy to housebreak by the way)or when he is thirsty he stands in front of the sink and barks.

Actually they are not that much in need of space or land. We live in a decent sized house with a half acre lot and he is quite happy with that. As he gets older he will become somewhat of a furry rug that sleeps a lot and has his walks and sun time on the deck chewing on his nylon bone.

I had one as a kid growing up in Dorchester, Ma. We were inseparable. He actually made a trip to Yellowstone Park in the late 60"s with my Parents and I in a 1967 Olds Vista cruiser where he was a huge hit. He got more pics taken of him than Old Faithful.

All in all he is just a good fit for us and our lifestyle which is kind of laidback and free styling.
Riley has found a good home and you have found a good companion to enjoy your retirement with. Thank you for the excellent explanation as to why you got him.
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