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Default Try this

Get a Hav-a-Heart trap, try to set the closed end of it up against a building - like under the porch or something. Put a small dish of tuna into the trap - beyond the plate that the cat has to step on to close the cage ... it should work. Several years ago, a family on our road moved away. They took the kids, the dog .... left the cat. Just left it. It sat on the porch of the house, or under the deck. It took us 2 weeks to trap it. A cute little, part-Siamese cat. We couldn't keep it because we already had 2 cats. But a friend at Humane Society came and took the cat, it passed the quarantine and is now living a life of safety and leisure in Alton. If you trap the cat and need help to get to mainland for Lakesrider, send me a PM, we will come get the cat. Lakesrider, if that happens, I will PM you (you live right up the road from us)-Donna
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