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Default 3 wrecks off East LI

With information from Tim Lawton (thank you Tim) about a month ago I tried to locate 3 wrecks he dove about 25 years ago. Based on his map I found all 3 in 16-27 feet of water adjacent to/in Duck Trap Cove on the east side of Long island, just south of Harilla? Landing-the marina up that way. All of them are serious wooden vessels and very likely all built in the 1800's. Classic massive timber construction.

Tim told me he believes one of them is the Belle of the Waves, which burned at a wharf on Long Island about 1888. I have identified 4 wharves on LI, one on the west side, one on the south side, and two on the east side. This wharf-which I also found-is the northern-most wharf on the east side. But the wharf remains are underwater and not visible from the surface.

Clearly one of these vessels is toast-burned badly. Tim thought the other 2 wrecks were gundalows. At least one of these is very narrow and I hand measured the ribs at 4 feet on center and I counted 19 before the wreck came to an end. Looked like it was blown off. So that puts it at about 80 feet.

The 3rd wreck also showed fire damage and was also quite narrow and long, prob. 50 feet at least. Oddly enough there was no sign of any steam engine on any of them. If the other 2 are in fact gundalows they weren't steam powered anyway.

I can post Lat/Lon later. I need to go back and try and get clear shots on side scan. These wrecks due to their condition (water-logged, destroyed wood) were barely visible on side scan, even that shallow. I can put divers right on top of the first one in the center of the cove with Lat/Lon. The other two require a short swim-certainly not worth moving the boat. One of them requires in my opinion an approach using a wreck reel from your anchor because it is about 80 feet off the end of the pier where some sort of club has their facility. Anchoring off their pier is not impossible but may cause a bit of annoyance due to traffic. Swimming to it with a reel is best as far as I am concerned but that's not my call.

All 3 are within maybe 200 feet or less of each other.
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