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Originally Posted by hazelnut View Post
Yup, right in my backyard... Literally. The "Res" is quickly turning back to water. I've never timed out winni ice-out correlated to the reservoir ice-out occurring. I would assume it wouldn't have much correlation as the climate can actually be fairly dramatically different.
I go past the "Res" several times a month this tme of the year. Based on what I have seen the past six years, since I retired, the "Res" had ice-out 29 to 36 days before Lake Winnipesaukee. Not enough data points for any real data anaylsis, as a rule of thumb it seems to work. That yeilds April 21 to April 28, if the past six year's difference holds this year. Sounds about right.

I would be very happy with an Ice-Out before the IRS tax is due.

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