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Thanks DRH for posting those great old shots! Now that I know you can do that from slides I'll have to dig out a few for you! I received these in e-mail today that I'd like to pass along.

"Mike - My daughter scanned in these pics for me which I send on to you. I cannot remember the name of the man in front of the 250 engine at the moment. It was taken around early 80's by my dad at the Wolfeboro station. But I am sure lots of people in Wolfeboro could tell you his name...he was with the Wolfeboro Railroad for years. I thought this was a nice pic of the engine and coal car. Second pic is of Robert Pigott. Thanks again. M. P."
__________________________________________________ __________

Wolfeboro Railroad Historical Society Series #15 - The westbound local on the Wolfeboro Line heads through the rock-cut near Mast Landing about 1915.

Train #6 waiting to depart the victorian Wolfeboro Depot on Railroad Ave. in downtown Wolfeboro.

Decal for your luggage or bumper.

Here's Engine #250 again before departing for Sanbornville. Antique (self-propelled I believe) railcar #10 awaits passengers for her next trip.

thanks again, MP and DRH!!!!
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