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Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
This legislation would also take the privilege of operating a boat away from everyone under the age of 12.

And this not only applies to Winni but all over New Hampshire.
Without a certified adult onboard, and only for motorized vessels. Look at the overall maturity level of say the average 12< year old today. Better yet let me put it to you this way, as a parent myself there is no way I would ever let my kid go out on the lake unsupervised or without an expereinced boater period. Why you may ask, because I feel it's my responsibility to ensure not only my kid's well being, but the general public as well no matter how much I think my kid may know what they are doing. What scares me is the parent that thinks this is OK to do, bringing into question thier own lack of prudent judgement which inherently will be reflected in thier children's lackthereof. Is a law necessary to "fix" this, well that I can't answer. If it is in fact a problem that needs to be addressed legislativly fine, but only as a last resort. I'm simply stating that I don't find this idea offensive at face value. What I do find offensive is that people are to stupid to police themselves so laws like this end up being proposed and sometimes adopted or being opposed to an idea not on the merits, but who's idea it is.
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