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Default C'mon APS- Parsi strikes again!!

Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post

However, in reluctant agreement, VitaBene stated of the 2009 season, "the lake was saner". The price of gasoline may be the reason the 2008 season appeared unusually quiet, but much less-so, the two seasons of the official speed limitsó2009/2010.
In typical APS fashion and using your famous Parsi you jump to conclusions. I would not call my statement "reluctant". A year and a few months later, I have to say I still agree with myself! Here is my post from 8/2009 in its entirety:

"Elchase, there is no question that the lake is saner this year. Unfortunately, a great many, myself included, believe that the real reason is the poor economy. We have all seen many boats that have never even been uncovered for the season- the owners just decided to leave them winterized. I think when the economy improves, we will see a return of most of the craziness.

I do disagree with your point about last summer- gas on the lake was pushing or exceeded $5/gallon, virtually everyone became more thrifty and boated less- I believe there was even a poll regarding it.

Many of us who are percieved as anti-speed limit don't even own or want to own boats that can break it (I almost got lapped by a pontoon boat a few weeks ago!). Most of us own and use canoes and sailboats (Lazer in our case). When not sailing, my 14 year old son and his 11 year old sister can often be found in his 12 foot skiff with an 8 horse Merc patrolling the Greens Basin end of the lake. I have a vested interest in keeping the lake as safe as possible.

The real us versus them needs to become the safe boater versus the bonehead boater, not slow versus fast. The answer is to rid the lake of bad boaters. There is no way that many boaters on the lake studied for and passed their boating certificate course. Even though my son is not old enough to take his safety course, I had him study and pass the practice test prior to allowing him to boat alone.

I was sincere in my comment about sharing the lake- I want to do so with good boaters, slow and fast. I want to eradicate bad boaters, slow and fast.

I apologize if I misread your original post and hope you enjoy the fabulous weather we are supposed to have today."
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