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Question We Need More Lawyers...

Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
Are 11 year olds causing accidents or violating the boating regulations at a higher rate than older people?...Talk about nanny state, this sounds like a solution looking for a problem.
Maybe you didn't see the NHMP message—that "this loophole needed closing."

(I didn't see it either, but apparently somebody did).

Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
Many, many accidents were caused by boats doing less than 30 mph, including the two most talked-about accidents on the lake...The current law's loophole is a bit silly.
So were the loopholes that let those two "walk" from the most-serious charges brought against them.

(Those two especially.)

But the NHMP still announced our safest season among many seasons, and it was largely thanks to the (SL) effort to keep "the usual suspects" away from Lake Winnipesaukee's peaceful boaters.

Somehow—and in any way—that excellent record needs changing???

Will the skillful manipulations of FAX-machines overturn Lake Winnipesaukee's next safest season?
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