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Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
Originally Posted by VitaBene View Post
The only boats that I have seen on this lake that look like military boats are the MP's Rigid Inflatable Boats.:
They don't have to be painted gray to look military. The attachment below shows a near-shore vessel of a foreign military that threatened a U. S. Navy ship in the Arabian Sea.

Another appeared recently in The U.S. Naval Institute's publication of Proceedings, a monthly periodical. The issue reviews just one poor Caribbean country's interdiction fleet—featuring one of eight similar patrol boats—made by Nor-Tech.

Isn't that "military"?
It's not just color. When someone mentions a military-looking vessel, the first thing that pops into the average person's head is NOT usually a Nor-Tech 39ft center console with twin, triple or quad outboards and an official-gov't-looking seal on the hull! The only thing that makes that boat a "gov't naval vessel" is the fact it has weapons and instead of the usual Nor-Tech custom graphics, it has what looks like a government seal on the side. That boat is the exception, not the rule.

Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
"Dropping off-plane" seems to have been too much trouble for some captains—and occasional exceptions did occur—
Did and still do apparently; my wife and I watched a 24-26ft Monterey (I believe) fly through the NWZ between Eagle and Governor's Islands yesterday around 6:35pm, on plane and probably travelling about 30-35mph. He didn't even TRY to slow down! Of course, he was the only boater in that zone at the time so maybe the law didn't apply to him???? I can't tell you how many times we've watched boats drive through that NWZ as if it didn't exist!! We had one that looked like he was going to climb up my stern until he realized we were in a NWZ and I was travelling at NWS! It's always amusing when we have to force someone to obey the law!

Also, it appears that NWZ's don't apply to the pilots working for CruiseNH. About a month ago, we watched either the Doris E. or Sophie C. cruise through the same NWZ at what was probably their normal cruising speed but that still creates a pretty good wake. I know because we were IN that NWZ when they went through and their wake had us wallowing in the water pretty good as we went through at NWS.

Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
but let's not forget that a reduction in numbers of the "usual suspects" occurred when The Unwelcome Mat was put out.
Would that be the new speed limit? 'Cause damn, as "unwelcome" as we are, we're still here (and we're not going anywhere) and the area businesses are still more than happy to take our money! I guess they don't "dislike" performance boaters as much as they SAY they do!!
Cancer SUCKS!

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