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Thumbs up Winnipesaukee continues to be safe...

Originally Posted by Acres per Second View Post
One might think so from the comments here, and the many "thank-you's".

But Director Barrett said this summer had a huge amount of boat traffic, and many fewer accidents. Arrests for alcohol were way up, perhaps due to night enforcements using a new tool in the NHMP quiver.

And we've just completed a full and busy season.
I agree wholeheartedly.

The Lake is safe, continues to be safe and always was safe.

Even in the years of the highest accident statistics, the numbers are insignificant given the handful of accidents and deaths/injuries versus the hundreds of thousands of boaters plying the Lake every summer.

Yes, the Lake gets crowded, weather cooperating, on at best 10 to 12 weekends a year. And if you boat in the areas of high concentrations it can get aggravating at times.

But boating on Winni is one of the safest things you can do with your family while enjoying the summer in New Hampshire.

Geesh Bob...when is the last time you and I wholeheartedly agreed on a post?
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