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Originally Posted by XCR-700 View Post
WOW, what a crazy busy summer for accidents on Winnipesaukee.

Not looking to stir the pot, just noting that its interesting that they all seem to involve common sense and basic boating and navigation skills, and that all the new laws and restrictions didn’t seem to help prevent these unfortunate events.

Also interesting to note that some of the operators most likely have the basic boating and navigation skills and should have had common sense, so it could be just unfortunate lapses in judgment and maybe a bit of luck of the draw.

Not too much more to say except be careful out there,,,
Great post!

Common sense and solid boating skills, including navagation, is what it is all about. The folks in Concord can be dubbed into making laws that will improve "boating safety", but in fact, the lake is no more safe today than it was two years ago. The people of NH might think the elected officials "fixed" a problem, but in reality, you cannot legislate common sense.

I believe a very experienced captain was at the helm of the "Lady Go Diva" today and still we had this result. I do not remember when the most recent "planting" of a GFBL boat onto the Witches occurred. In addition, many jumped onto the band-wagon of the "unspeakable law" when a certain female operator hit Diamond Island in very poor boating conditions. Today, in the middle of the day, with very clear visibility, in a well-known dangerous area, with good marking based upon the current laws, and look what happened, again with a very experienced operator at the helm!

Folks, accidents do happen and you cannot legislate common sense or safe boating solely by restricting sp_ed.

Time to rethink "boating safety in NH" based upon things that actually occur, like today's accident on the Witches, and not on biased and politically-generated hype.

Again, thank God no one was injured in today's accident.


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