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Default Are there empty marine patrol boats at significant places? II

Thank you all for your responses. I assume this thread was closed due to people going off on tangents. I do not know all of the politics here, I was simply searching for a plausible reason for Marine Patrol not to acknowledge my dilemma.

In this regard I state the following:

my boat was a 26 foot Chapparal deck boat, so waves had little effect. I rode out the wakes of the close boats with ease and everyone arrived safely to shore with no injuries.

The boat fortunately only suffered minor engine repair. I replaced the distributor and coil which were worn out and/or just marginally operational and fired her back up. Thanks to my mechanic, Mark for another great job.

Many thanks to Steve's Taxi getting us back to Meredith Marina from Shep's.
Cheap fares, comfortable rides.

To Woodsy: yes I had my cell phone, no I did not call MP. I was more concentrated on getting my boat out of a travel lane, into safe harbor than to deal with that issue.

To Chmeeee and elchase:
A Marine Patrol boat at full rest 400 yards from me to the west between me and Bear Island. I could not see any one on the boat, just the big Marine Patrol sign on the side of his old Century.
(yards not feet)

All the while, this Marine Patrol boat was no more than 400 yards from me.
(yards not feet}

That is 1200 feet and my reckoning is pretty good.

In any event, thanks for all of your input. While not getting a full understanding of why this stuff transpires, I simply wanted to make you all aware of my situation. Marine Patrol does what it does and it comes from way above the officer driving the boat. He is just doing what he is directed and instructed to do. If the policy is 'Do not tow' don't bother the disabled boater. Leave him stranded. If he does not have the where-with-all to call a marina or a towing company, then I feel bad for him.Sooner or later some good samaritin will come to his aid, (thank you marine patrol). We all know that the lake is not what it was 30 or 40 years ago.

To all of you who posted to my previous thread, thank you. Your perceptions are appreciated.

In regards to trolls, I don't know what that truly means. I assume I could find references to that in the miles of your previous posts, but I don't have the time or inclination.

In regards to speed limits, I submit the following as a marina owner:

I sell boats; some go fast, some go slow. I would like to continue selling all the boats I own. Some can go faster than the speed limit. If you buy one and are on Winnispeaukke, please be aware that we have a speed limit! If you or any of my current storage customers do not like this, talk to your Representative or Senators. If you buy one that goes only 44 miles per hour, safe boating,; please do not violate the safe passage laws and remember at night, you can only go 25 mph.
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