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I've gathered that you are or were some sort of law enforcement officer. The members that you are defending here have post after post where they talk about their lack of adherence to the law of the lake, yet you say nothing. Then you choose an off the cuff comment that clearly could offend nobody {} and decide to climb on the podium to start lecturing; defining a clearly benign statement as "hate speech"? My statement had not an iota of hate in it....I know...I made it. Are you saying that I am a racist? For all you know, I am a man of color. You have no idea what hate speech is if you feel a statement like that one qualifies. This is clearly a diversion. Let's talk about Partsman's complaints, the joke that the safe passage law really is, how much better things have been on the lake these past two summers with speed being watched, and let's stop trying to distract with nonsense about "hate speech".