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You took this thread and spun your own take on it, turning it into a GFBL/speed bashing.
My first post in this thread came after these;
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Obviously, the MP presence didn't change anyone's behavior today. It was thought last year that their mere presence was enough to slow boaters down last year.
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Would be interesting to know what the MP vessel was doing. Could they have been using video from the boat to record what is really going on out there? R2B
If you've been following the other postings by these two members around these threads, you know as I do that these postings were clearly intended to instigate and paint the image that the speed limit is not doing anything to improve things on the lake and that what is being witnessed by those of us who appreciate the effects of the speed limit is not what is really happening.

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It if looks like a troll and smells like a troll...
These two surely looked and smelled like a trolls to me, interesting that you did not see it that way. I guess we all have different perspectives.
If this was the Offshoreonly forum, I'd agree that my posts could be seen as trolling and did not belong. If this was the Winfabs forum, I'd hope you'd agree the previous posts were trolling and did not belong. But this is supposed to be a "regular joe" site, where people of differing opinions weigh in. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. You guys are just not used to having anyone challenge your propaganda, so anyone that sides with you is simply expressing their opinion, but anyone who disagrees with you is trolling.
Some might say that your post is just trolling in an effort to extend this silly side argument. Did you have anything to say relative to the original post? My post certainly did.