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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Estimating what equals 150' while driving a boat is not so easy. Most motor boaters are pretty responsible and will stay a lot further away from a kayak, canoe or small sailboat, than from another motorboat. Probably the smaller boats are considered more likely to get swamped so they are given a wider passage with some motor boats slowing down to a no-wake speed when close to kayaks in a confined area. It's just common sense.
Agreed! I try to give as wide a berth as possible to small boats and especially sailboats. The hard part is when the sailboats are doing their racing or training in the area between Locks Island, Welch Island and Ellacoya; then, it's a challenge to get by without disturbing them but I haven't had any problems yet!

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
I know I don't ride a horse out on Route 93, so why should kayaks and canoes and small sailboats be allowed to go out beyond the spar markers ?
FLL, I'm glad you asked that question. I asked a similar question last year in one of the old speed limit threads and was promptly told by Evenstar that it was her RIGHT to kayak anywhere she wanted (not exactly her words here). I don't have any problem with a kayaker, canoer or anyone for that matter going anywhere they want on the lake (including the Broads) as long as they acknowledge the risks they're taking of travelling in the lake's equivalent of an interstate highway! Apparently, they want to travel anywhere they want without accepting those risks.
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