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Default trolls and other stuff...

Originally Posted by Resident 2B View Post
...I believe we might have a new troll around...It all adds up to trolling to me...Just one man's opinion...
You raise a good point here 2B.

There is some very interesting reading and intelligent debate on both sides of this issue. I truly enjoy reading the thoughts and ideas of some of our long time community members, and some of the new folks that have popped in offer some very interesting perspective.

However, there is and always will be trolls on both sides of this and other controversial issues discussed here. The best bet is for the majority concerned to concentrate on the issue at hand and not get into endless debate with those who they believe are trolling, as this is the goal of the troller.

Just sit back and let Don control the situation, as he has never let us down yet.

It would make it much easier for me to follow the debate if folks moved on after making a point, and not keep repeating the same opinion or story over and over. While there is a lot of good information being made from both sides of the aisle, and even those seeking middle ground, there does seem to be those on the fringes that simply reiterate their positions so often that I think some of us tend to shut them out mentally after the third, forth fifth or more like post in the same or similar threads.

Just some observations....

And by no means am I agreeing or disagreeing that the poster or posts in question are the result of trolling....
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