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Default WV main base lodge 1966-2019

That is the Waterville Valley mountain base lodge and the new windows and raised roof remodeling job, built this summer, will greatly improve the view out to the slopes, as seen from inside the building. Just like Elvis, the view is NOW inside the building!

This building was first built in 1966, and was expanded a few times, over the years. Now, this summer of 2019, it has been made a little smaller, and improved by making the mountain view from inside the building much easier to see and enjoy.

An outdoor restaurant structure that extended out front was removed, and many new improvements, all designed to improve the mountain view as seen from inside were made.

What else is new this year? The High Country double chair lift was removed and replaced with a two person, tee bar, because the old chair was always getting closed due to the wind. The new tee bar is a snow surface lift, close to the trees, out of the wind, and actually travels along faster than the old chair, plus it will be fun to ride an old style, challenge lift. The snow groomer grooms under this tee bar lift, every night.

Ages 65-79 ....... here's a super steal of a deal ..... $579 buys you a value pass good for all lifts, all the time except for all (busy!) Saturdays, Christmas week, Martin Luther King 3-day weekend, and February ski Massachusetts week holiday ..... all times that are very crowded with Massachusetts skiers, anyway. Just think ..... for $579, you can ride the High Country tee bar, just as lifts were built back in 1966!

News flash ..... you heard it here first .... Gov Sununu and the White House have re-interpreted the rules for Medicare so's Medicare now pays 80% of your down hill ski season pass at WATERVILLE VALLEY ....... way to go Chris Sununu! ...... "it's a serious NH mental health, WINTER issue for the elderly ..... budda-bing!"

Hey ..... it either skiing ..... or drinking ... .... and the NH winter lasts a long time!

Am hoping they remove the main quad lift and replace it with a rope tow ...... powered by a red International Farm-All tractor up top .... ho-ho-ho ..... just kidding!
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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