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Originally Posted by sunset on the dock View Post
Hey...aren't we getting all getting a little touchy here about El's last post? Seems as if we've seen more than a couple posts "razzing" him , comments like the the one about him chasing felons, etc., etc., etc. Why all of a sudden this new higher standard for posting? Is it because he's one of the few SL supporters left on the forum who hasn't been badgered into oblivion? There's a few of you who can sure dish it out, but when it comes to taking it in return, well....
Sunset... Come on... I have been one of your biggest supporters. We have agreed to disagree on the SL issue and have kept things very cordial in many situations that could have been easily taken the wrong way...

There are many SL supporters that have been on here since day one and still are. They, like yourself, have been involved in some very heated discussions but it never got to the point of any personal attacks. And if it was construed that way it was immediately followed up with an apology.

El has in 68 posts driven his own reputation down. And no one has forced him to do so or to continue to stir the pot.

You have been one of the leading SL supporter and contributer to your cause. Although I don't agree with your views you do put them out there in a very dignified manner and again I applaud you for those actions. Don't get dragged along for the ride leading to no good.
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