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Originally Posted by Sandy Beach View Post
I didn't know the lake was unsafe and uncivil until I started reading what the pro-speed limit minority had to say . And to think I exposed my wife and children to this lake and enjoyed it without absolute speed limits all these years.

disclaimer: I have no connection with the boating or tourist industry and I do not have a boat capable of speeds over 40 mph and I DO NOT support the 45 - 25 mph speed limit.

P.S. Thanks Gilligan
Amazing what one accident caused by an intoxicated boater can do isn't it? A televised debate would be a very, very welcome situation. Once you got past the lies and innuendo, what would be left is crickets chirping.

Some of us tried in earnest to have real discussions, not debates, about safety. The SL supporters wanted nothing to do with any of that. For many life long boaters, safety and enjoyment is what it's all about. The SL supporters have shown they are only interested in their own interests. We have APS, that once said it was great to have motorists blocking the left lane on highways in what he called "rolling roadblocks" or some such thing.

I understand extreme noise and chaos is not popular, I don't like it either and would stop it. Try to engage in rational discussion with these folks and it becomes readily apparent that they don't share your thoughts at all. They want one or more groups of boaters off the lake, pretty much Period.
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