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Originally Posted by Blue Thunder View Post
Do I just put the router IP address into the Safari browser?
Don, this Foscam camera is one of the ones you used to use as a Weirscam I believe. I can't seem to get it to work wirelessly with the router.
Yes, you can enter your router IP (often into Safari as long as it is connected to the router's network.

The WeirsCAM was never a Foscam. It was mostly Stardot Netcams with one attempt to use an unreliable Axis camera. I do have a Foscam at home and several at work. You probably already found this out, but you need to setup the Foscam using a wired connection. Once you put in your wifi settings you can disconnect from the wired network and when you restart it it should connect to the wifi. Look at the LAN status on your router and you can see if it got an IP and what it is.
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