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Hey guys,

I wanted to update this as I found the solution to the problem toward the end of last season. It seems that the aftermarket points for these available through mercury/quicksilver are junk and sometimes stick open right from the get-go. That was happening in my case and was causing both plugs to fire at the same time. I'm fortunate something else didn't break when this happened, but best I can tell, no harm, no foul. I had to spend about 3x as much on a set of new-old-stock points from Fairbanks Morse, but guess what...No more issues!

I spent a few hours the other day vacuuming and washing the boat, put new tires on the trailer yesterday, and am redoing the bunks on the trailer this weekend...Looking forward to actually enjoying a reliable boat this year!

I'm taking my little lady out for her first small boat ride on Shellcamp Saturday . She already went on the Mount when she was a month old, but this should really give her a taste of what boating is like. I can't wait!

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