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Default What happened: October 16, 2017, zoning board meeting

City of Laconia, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Monday, October 16, 2017, starting at 7-pm, minutes: .... 8:10 to 10:01-pm, time devoted to Big Island proposal .... actually, after set-up preparation ..... from 8:28 to 10:01-pm

What happened; after about 90-minutes of Big Island hearings, all four members of the board who were present (zoning has 5-regular members) voted in favor, 4-0, to continue the proposed Big Island application to next month; Monday, Nov 20, 7-pm, at City Hall.

My editorial opinion, here!

Realistically, is it possible for the loon nesting spot to co-exist on a 2.2-acre island with the proposed girl's summer camp and conference use? Probably not, but all I know is the loons can go flap their wings, and move on to some other island. Loons tend to be very large duck birdies that are very aggressive and hard core fighters. So, my editorial opinion is to build a pickle-ball court, dimension; 20' x 44' rubberized asphalt in 32-different designer colors, that would be used by four pickle-ballers at the same time .....playing pickle-ball doubles........ and, just say good-bye to the loons......and hello to the pickle-ballers! The loons are very tough, mean, hard core fighters that share space with eagles and Canada geese......all three species can be very aggressive and the loons will go find themselves another happy spot on the lake. Hello campers playing pickle-ball ...... and, see-u-later, loonie-birds (sound of the loon, here)!

Pickle-ball is just too much fun! Evict the loons, and put up a pickle-ball court! Better yet, make it two pickle-ball courts, side by side, reddish-orange color with white lines, similar colors as the clay, Roland Garros tennis court in Paris. This would be an extremely happening, waterfront, pickle-ball venue, and get lots and lots of use by campers and conference goers ......... two side-by-side, outdoor, reddish-orange w/ white lines pickle-ball courts!

Suggest you check out the two indoor pickle-ball courts in Laconia, at the old red brick Community Center, close to the High School, and next to Rite Aid. People could row, kayak, canoe, sail, paddle-board, or swim out to Big Island for a conference at 'CAMP LACONIA' and go hit the pickle-ball court while at the conference!
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