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Originally Posted by Rattlesnake Gal View Post
Note the different names to familiar places.

Paugus Bay = Long Bay

Big Island = Goat Island (On my other old map it is Boat Island)

Perhaps this will interest some folks that enjoy researching this old stuff about the lake.

On this old map Big Island (currently known as) is shown as Sheep Island - Little Island (currently known as) is shown as Goat Island. A little different than Rattlesnake Gal's map but similar

The artistic image also shows a third island that is not named, or is trying to display a shallow area. I have fished this area on a number of occasions and could easily envision this map being photographically correct (from an artistic view) years ago when the water level was lower. I guess a question is, how much lower would the water have to be for this map to be correct years ago. Somewhere else on the forum there was at least one person who does diving that believes from his diving experiences that the lake at one time was 18 feet lower. Note how large Little Island (currently known as) is artistically portrayed on this map. If you looked at it today its tiny in comparison to this old map.

Regardless of a water level debate, I thought some folks would enjoy the old island names and a slightly different old map.
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