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I went to a major franchise repair shop in the lakes region a couple years ago to get my inspection sticker. He failed my inspection;…. Get this…..because one of my rear windows would not go down! You believe that.....

I was shocked and surprised the window didn't go down, couldn't remember the last time I put either rear windows down? I challenged his issue with the windows as far as state inspection, so he printed out the NH State Inspection regulation that requires this for all cars. Granted, when was the last time that an inspection station tested that function of your car for inspection.....NEVER!

He offered to repair the window drive motor for about $300. I said 'NO" , and left the station with a 'reject sticker'.

On my way home, trying to figure out what to do next, I pulled off the road, and tested the operation of all windows! Now of course all windows were operating perfectly ! Murphy’s law……

That said, I returned to that same repair shop with my car, and showed him that all windows operated perfectly up & down as they should. With a grudge and an attitude, he scraped off my rejection sticker, and replaced it with a regular 'passed' sticker.

Lessons learned..... NEVER take your car to a repair shop for an inspection sticker. What is the business of these shops? REPAIR ! $$$ They’’re looking for issues, no matter how small….

I now go to my dealer (where I've established a good relationship, buying his cars), and haven't had any issues getting my stickers.
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