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Originally Posted by SailinAway View Post
Before you decide to install an electronic fence, I recommend getting a thorough understanding of the advantages and pitfalls of these fences. Two different adjacent neighbors got three German shepherds and two pitbulls and installed electronic fences. All five dogs were unusually aggressive toward passersby in the street. On one occasion one of the pitbulls broke through the fence and came after me when I was walking on my property. I had to defend myself with my hiking poles. On another occasion a pitbull escaped the fence, crossed 200 feet across my yard to my house, and stood growling at me on the patio. I had left the kitchen door open for a couple of minutes. Very lucky the dog didn't enter the house. Such a dog has not been taught the limits of its own territory and lays claim to surrounding properties.

What I noticed in these cases was that people who have electronic fences don't train their dogs in any way. They rely solely on the fence to contain the dog. The dog is allowed to behave very aggressively toward people outside the fence and the aggression increases over time as the dog chases passersby back and forth alone the fenceline. If the fence doesn't contain the dog and the dog refuses to return to its owner (as happened with the pitbull), that's a violation of state law (dog must be confined or under your command).

There are numerous reports of determined dogs breaking through the electronic fence and attacking people or animals, animals from outside breaking through the fence and attacking the dog, failure of the fence or collar, human error with the fence, etc. When a dog's aggression is not curbed early on, the dog will care more about attacking someone on the other side of the fence than about the shock. What if a child wanders into your yard? What if a mail carrier or delivery person comes onto your property?

Some instructive links:
This. Train your dog and donít rely on invisible fence.put a small kennel in yard if needed.
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